How can I Help?

Any donation, big or small helps with the training costs to be on a USA Team. I have a Wish List below to show what your generous donations go towards. If you would like to donate an item from the Wish LIst instead, that is also appreciated- please email me at mswheelchairmaine2011(at) Thank you so, so much for your support!

Donate Button with Credit Cards

Your help is so important in my development. Go USA!

Wish List

Ice Time: The Greater Tampa Bay Area such as Tampa, Brandon, Ellenton, Clearwater, etc.

Equipment: Certified white helmet (medium), elbow pads and shin pads (my straps are broken, one is missing), women’s fit shoulder pads/chest protector, gloves (any brand, size 13, red or blue if possible- if not that’s ok!), fiberglass sticks with blades and picks (I need another set in case mine break), replacement parts (sled blades, hockey stick blades, etc.)

Training: Monthly gym membership, sport-specific trainer (I really want to switch to a hockey-based trainer!!), a pull-down ski erg (cardio and same motion as the sled), a real shooting/passing pad- currently using a sheet of plastic (for counters) with Pam spray. Points for creativity, eh?

Travel: Flight vouchers, hotel vouchers and gift cards for meals for Sled Hockey Nationals in Detroit, the NHL Sled Classic, tournaments in other states such as Pittsburgh, PA and Duluth, MN.

Donated Items

Sled and bucket (it was broken/duct taped and beyond fiberglass repair in 3 spots), one set of sticks/blades/picks (the ones I use) a hockey bag (mine broke, zipper pulled out and airline wouldn’t replace), and airline vouchers have been donated.

Wow, thank you donors!

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