Press Release: 2015-2016 Women’s USA Sledge Hockey Team Roster

2015 Tryouts
All the ladies that came to tryout this year, almost 30- woah!

The coaches and staff of the US Women’s Sledge Hockey Team are proud to announce the roster for the 2015/2016 season. There were 17 players selected to the team this year.
This years’ selection camp was held in Lewiston, Maine at The Androscoggin Bank Colisée and was attended by a record 28 talented female sledge hockey players who were competing for the privilege of playing on the team. Throughout the weekend the players participated in two practices and two intrasquad games after which the team was selected by Head Coach Shawna Davidson and Assistant Coach Rose Misiewicz. Of the 17 players selected to the team, typically 15 of those will travel to each event we attend this season.
Additionally, we are excited to announce that because of the number of talented players we had in attendance, 6 players were selected to be a part of the first ever USA Women’s Developmental Sledge Hockey Team. That teams’ schedule has yet to be determined.
This year, the team is comprised of 9 forwards, 6 defense and 2 goalies. This years’ returning players in alphabetical order by first name are Christy Gardner (ME), Erica Mitchell (Ill), Karen Smith (CT), Kelly Lavoie (CT), Kelsey DiClaudio (PA), Khrista Matthews (FL), Laurie Wood (VA), Monica Quimby (FL), Morgan Hosbrough (OH), Robynne Hill (CO) and Susie Kluting (MI). New players joining the roster this year are Brynn Duncan (MN), Elizabeth Mayberry (OH), Katie Ladlie (MO), Maddie Eberhard (NY) Rachel Grusse (CT), and Sarah Bettencourt (CA).
The players who were selected to participate in the newly created development team are Abby Hess (CO), Karina Villegas (FL), Kelli Anne Stallkamp (OH), Laurel Lawson (GA), Leanne Smith (MA) and Liz Davis (Ill).
Congratulations to all the players who were selected for the teams this year, and we look forward to an exciting season that will see us traveling to places such as Canada, Florida, Missouri, New Jersey, Arizona, Ohio, to name a few.

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