Women’s USA vs. Women’s Canada, and Men’s USA Sledge Hockey are World Champs!

This weekend May 1-3, 2015 the Women’s USA Sledge (Sled) Hockey Team, comprised of 13 players from around the country, to compete in a 3-game series vs. Canada. We flew into Buffalo, NY on Thursday, April 30 with a warm welcome from the airport and two Team USA Olympians joined us for practice that evening. 

waching the gameOur games took place at the Northtown Center in Amherst, NY and the first game of the series we tied at the end of the third period and went into a 5-minute overtime, with Rachel Grusse scoring the winning OT goal off a rebound. The final score 4-3, USA.

That evening we went to the HARBORCENTER to watch the Semifinals for the Men’s Sledge Hockey World Championships. The first game was Canada vs. Russia- close game with 12 shots each by third period. Canada came out on top, 3-2 against Russia. The second game was USA vs. Norway resulting in a complete shutout with 29 shots to 7 respectfully, a 6-0 final. Yay! Each winner of the semifinals go on to the Gold medal game, USA vs. Canada in the FINALS!!! slapshottttt

The next day we headed back to Northtown to play our Game 2. USA women’s sled hockey team ended up with a 2-4 score, but we played the second game harder and faster as a team. We got to meet the stars of the 1977 movie Slapshot, which was fun! The series was now tied 1-1, here we go. That evening we went as a team to the famous Duff’s Wings. We watched the Kentucky Derby (Really??? Never would of picked that winner) and USA Hockey (upright). It was time to get to bed early because our last game was at 7:30am the next morning…

After a quick cold breakfast, we headed to the rink for our last game. The game was fast and intense, tying in the third period. We put another 5 minutes on the clock in OT, and Kelsey DiClaudio scored top shelf within 38 seconds for the win! Therefore winning the series with Canada, 2-1.

Our USA Women’s Sled Hockey Team top scorers during the series were Kelsey DiClaudio of Pittsburgh and Erica Mitchell of Chicago, (Captain).

all 3 USA april 30I was flying back into Tampa when the Men’s USA Team was playing the Gold medal game at 2:30pm, aired live on NBC Sports. As soon as I landed, my phone was blowing up and the game was super close as 0-0 until the third period. Then USA dominated with a 3-0 shut out vs. Canada winning the Gold  for the 2015 World Championships!

The picture includes the 3 USA teams, Men’s, Women’s and Development that ALL won their games vs. Canada! Hockey love ❤

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