USA Women’s and USA Men’s Development Team in Indian Trail, NC

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This weekend, Feb 19-22, was incredibly fun and a growing experience in the sport of sled hockey. I am so excited I got pulled up for the event with the USA women’s team and got to play with the USA developmental men’s team. We had a TON of ice time with a total of about 10 hours, (which was great!!!)

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After the flight in on Thursday, we arrived at the hotel to put our stuff down and grab something to eat before the first practice that evening. We had a joint practice with the men’s team running plays, shooting and passing.

The next day we had two solo USA women’s practices after breakfast at the hotel, one in the morning and one in the evening.  We went over drills and plays in the morning. We also broke up into offense and defense to develop with our lines. We headed back for a quick clean up and lunch at the hotel, then back to the rink for another practice. We did more drills and we also scrimmaged in small groups working on different areas. We also took this awesome pic at the rink with the Goodyear tires laying around- NASCAR country!

The last day we had one more solo women’s practice in the morning and after lunch we had a large scrimmage with the men’s development team with two, 45 minute halves. It was a blast, but I hurt my left hand within a few seconds on the ice by catching my hand between a player’s skag (nose of the sled) and the boards… ouch! Thankfully, just a bad bruise and I iced it between line changes. If it isn’t broken, you play! Welcome to hockey, baby.

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That evening we went to the Charlotte Motor Speedway club house to have dinner overlooking the track all lit up, soooo cool!

Thank you to USA Hockey, the USA men’s development sled hockey team, the Extreme Ice Center, and the Charlotte Motor Speedway from the women’s USA sled hockey team! You’re the best ladies. Hockey love ❤

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