What I ‘accept’ that makes me happy


Today is a special day, and it is focused on acceptance. I interpret this as accepting myself for who and what I am, disability and all.

One definition of acceptance is though the root word accept is, to agree or consent to. I think the definition I identify the most with acceptance is to undertake the responsibilities, duties, honors, etc. of. To me, this really encompasses what I go through daily. I view myself as an educator and a teacher, not only in the conventional sense, but metaphorical. I teach by sharing my experiences in life. If it is at UPS and a father is asking me how I can explain pushing up a ramp so he can tell his 10 year old wheelchair using daughter or doing public speaking events of 500+ people. I  accept that my accident has left me in chronic pain and paralyzed without the ability to walk, feel or control autonomic functions. I accept the ups and downs in life. I accept that this is my current form. I accept that I can make a choice. I choose to be happy.

What do I accept that makes me happy?julias pic

I accept love and kindness. I have learned how to accept a helping hand to reach something on the top shelf when I’m trying to make a fulcrum using a spaghetti box on a lower shelf to fling it down. I accept that some people, places and things need to be let go of in order to become happy. I accept that no goal is too lofty and no dream is too big. I accept, I am beautiful and worthy of love (these are hard ones for me!) I accept I can be of service and give back to my community, which gives me so much in return. I accept I am different and always have been, even before the accident. I accept time in nature every day is important to my being. I accept I do not live a conventional lifestyle. I accept working out as a challenge, testing me to find any and all muscles that can still function. I can accept, I am still an athlete. I accept that I can still contribute and help relaunch the new floridasledhockey.com website, a sport that I love.

I accept their are some things that I can’t do, but there is so much that I can. 🙂

What makes you happy? Please leave a comment!

One thought on “What I ‘accept’ that makes me happy

  1. I struggle to accept assistance from others as well, even when it is freely offered with a smile. Sometimes we just need to allow ourselves to be accepting, even when we want to be all “MacGuyver” and do it ourselves. It’s always a journey.


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