First State-wide Scrimmages of the 2014-2015 Season

We started the morning on Saturday October 11th at the Ellington Ice and Sports Complex with a meeting in the locker room at 9am. We were on ice shortly after and had a great Florida Sled Hockey Bandits (state-wide elite team) practice with some new and returning players. I definitely got the ‘warm welcome’ as we went through drills, small scrimmages, scenarios and more. Time to get to the next level!

After the Bandits practice, we had some time to recover and grab something to eat before the scrimmages. We had SUCH a great turnout! Coach Ron reported that we had 35 sled hockey players from 4 different programs– Florida Ice (Fort Myers), Lightning (Tampa Bay), Hurricanes (Spacecoast), and Tiger Sharks (Palm Beach). Full representation of many disabilities, all ages and different stages of playing, as well as more women joining the game. Wow!! We ended up having 3 full lines and 4 rotating goalies for both scrimmages, it was a lot of fun and it was great to see everyone there.

We continue to grow the program and if you would like to be a sponsor, volunteer or participate, please contact me! Hockey love ❤

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