Back to Hockey Weekends! Tampa Bay Lightning Fanfest and the Development Crew in Fort Myers

This weekend was the Tampa Bay Fan Fest! It was a fun time with games and activities for the kids, TB Lightning scrimmages, interviews with the players and more. At 2pm, the Tampa Bay Lightning’s sled hockey team went on the ice, where we collectively came from teams all over the state. slapshotIt was a carefree pace when we scrimmaged and always a good time to play at the forum. They even announced & put my name on the scoreboard for making the USA women’s sled hockey team! Humbled and this new chapter is so surreal! It was awesome to see some of my Florida Sled Hockey Bandits team mates and the kids from the TB team.

This picture is a snapshot of my puck handling on the ice at the Forum, shown on the TB Lightning Twitter and TB Lightning Vine channel (Sept 27, 4 days ago). Ahhhh, pretty sweet! Click on the blue links to see the few second video.

FSHAfter I headed home to quickly get changed to head down to Fort Myers to be ready to go on the ice again the next morning, (go where the ice is!) The practice at the Skatium is mostly developmental sled hockey players and I like to go to these practices to help motivate them. I have mentored since I have been in middle school; it’s still one of my favorite things to do! I’m so glad I can do it in the athletic field as well as the work I have done in academics.

Hockey love ❤

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